First Performance
International Trumpet Guild Conference, Minneapolis, MN; Chris Wilson, 2011
Redunner Music (David Sampson)


David Sampson (2010)

Counterwork concerns itself with dualities: light/dark, optimism/pessimism, extroversion/introversion. Written for and dedicated to Christopher Wilson, it is orchestrated for trumpet/flugelhorn, marimba and piano. Beginning with the extroverted side of this duality, the music is lively, strong and rhythmic. Themes, harmonies and rhythms create a sense of joy and fun along with a bit of mischievousness. After a time, the work sinks into a sense of sadness and loss with the trumpeter changing to flugelhorn which in itself often personifies introversion. We then suddenly revert back to the light and revisit the first section with additional exploration. Later, we are again drawn back into the darkness, but, this time remain for a longer period. Returning for the final time to optimism, there is an added sense of strength and purpose along with a touch desperation. The work ends with a short, mournful return to darkness with a final cry from a muted trumpet.

Total Running Time: 8:59