First Performance
Carnegie Hall, NYC, NY; Texas A&M - Commerce Wind Ensemble, 2012
Redrunner Music (David Sampson)


David Sampson (2011)

Occasionally, upon completion of a new composition, the name of the piece will still remain a mystery to me. In that situation, what I have found is that if I listen to the work several times with the intent of finding a title, a word or phrase will eventually reveal itself that crystalizes the intent of the music. This was how Legend was named.
So, what is the intent of this music? Simply, it is a narrative, a story. There are characters and action. There are multiple moods with conflict, introspectiveness, playfulness and triumph. There is even a sense that at the end, the story could continue beyond the music. So what is the story exactly? It is whatever the listener chooses it to be.

Total Running Time: 11:30