First Performance
Randolph High School, Randolph, NJ; North Jersey Area Wind Ensemble, Dr. Willis Rapp, director, 2007
Redrunner Music (David Sampson)
WASBE Cincinnati, USA; North Texas Wind Symphony, Dennis W. Fisher, conductor, Mark Records 8471-MCD 2009


David Sampson (2006)

Outburst for wind ensemble was commissioned by the North Jersey Area Band. It was written during the summer of 2006 and premiered at Randolph High School on January 14 at the 2007 NJAB Festival Concert. The Wind Ensemble was lead by Dr. Willis Rapp. Outburst, a single movement, six-minute composition begins with a syncopated figure in the suspended cymbal that is the backbone of the entire work. The energy which is hinted at comes to full realization at the end of the piece through a series of musical vignettes that are “quick-cut” to create gradually increasing tension that leads to a final exuberant celebration.

Total Running Time: 5:48