First Performance
Appeared in the International Trumpet Guild, February, 1992
Movement III, Suite III, Notes From Faraway Places, Editions Bim
Trumpet In Our Time, Raymond Mase, Summit Records DCD 148


David Sampson (1991)

Solo for unaccompanied flügelhorn (optional Bb trumpet) was written in 1991 as a result of a trumpet concerto commission from the International Trumpet Guild. I began the concerto with flügelhorn alone intending to change instruments once the introduction was complete. What I discovered was that my imaginary performer did not want to relinquish the flügelhorn and before long, I was well into a flügelhorn concerto. A quick call to my commissioners confirmed what I already suspected: the music world did not need a flügelhorn concerto. So, I began again, changing my conception of the work, and finished Triptych, a concerto for trumpet and orchestra in August 1991. An optional flügelhorn section in the second movement hints at my original effort. Upon completion of the concerto, I returned to the flügelhorn material that I had put away and realized that with minor changes and some augmentation, it would work as a solo flügelhorn composition. Solo was the result.

Total Running Time: 3:18