First Performance
Chicago, IL; Gaudete Brass Quintet, 2011
Redunner Music (David Sampson)
Chicago Moves, Gaudete Brass, Cedille Records CDR 136, 2012


David Sampson (2011)

I wrote Chicago Moves for Gaudete Brass in 2011. The piece is in four movements, each of which showcases an aspect of life in Chicago, represented by a place or landmark. The piece is a melange of third stream (i.e., between classical and jazz) style melodies overlaid onto an almost minimalist groove that is passed between the instruments. It makes extensive use of mutes, flügelhorns, and interconnected lines to produce colors more like those of a string quartet or vocal choir than those typically associated with brass instruments. The work was commissioned for Gaudete Brass by Giddings and Webster Mouthpieces, The Venzon Family, Earl and Judy Baxtresser, and the Chicago Modern Brass Project.

Total Running Time: 14:09
I. Grant Park 3:24
II. The Spaghetti Bowl 3:37
III. Loop Lament 4:13
IV. Lake Shore Drive 2:55