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THE SKEIN for Soprano and Piano1973Soprano and PianoDS
FANFARE FOR CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL for Double Brass Quintet1978Double Brass QuintetEB
THE MYSTERIES REMAIN for Trumpet and Organ1979Trumpet and OrganEB
O BLESSED FACE for Flute, Harp, Organ and SATB Chorus1978Flute, Harp, Organ and SATB ChorusAB
PERMIT ME VOYAGE for Viola and Piano1978Viola and PianoDS
PASSAGE for Viola and Flugelhorn1979Viola and FlugelhornDS
FLASHBACK for Percussion Quartet1980Percussion QuartetDS
LITANY OF BREATH for Trumpet1980TrumpetEB
THE ENDLESS INSTANT for Clarinet and Percussion1980Clarinet and PercussionDS
CUTTINGS for Piano1980PianoDS
THE NOTES FIT TO PRINT for Orchestra1980OrchestraDS
IN MEMORIAM: W.E.S. for Woodwind Quintet1981Woodwind QuintetDS
PEACE for SATB Chorus1981SATB ChorusDS
FLIGHT for Three Trumpets1982Three TrumpetsEB
THE BIRTHDAY for Soprano, Oboe, Violincello and Harp1982Soprano, Oboe, Violincello and HarpDS
WINTER CEREMONY for Two Trumpets and Percussion1983Two Trumpets and PercussionEB
NINE TIMES MIME for Oboe, Harp and Percussion1983Oboe, Harp and PercussionDS
THE WAR PRAYER One-Act Opera1984-5DS
BEHOLD HOW GOOD AND LOVELY IT IS for Chorus and Organ1984Chorus and OrganDS
FOUR SCENES AND AN EPILOGUE for Soprano, String Quartet and Harp1984Soprano, String Quartet and HarpDS
DECHOES AND OTHER GHOSTS for Brass Quintet1986Brass QuintetDS
MORNING MUSIC for Brass Quintet1986Brass QuintetEB
THREE CHRISTMAS SCENES for Flute/Picc., Oboe/English Horn, Violoncello, Piano and SATB Chorus1987Flute/Picc., Oboe/English Horn, Violoncello, Piano and SATB ChorusDS
POINTS for Brass Octet and Percussion1987 rev 1987Brass Octet and PercussionEB
IN TIME for Bass Trombone, Piano and Percussion1988Bass Trombone, Piano and PercussionEB
THE FIGURED WHEEL for Soprano, Oboe/English Horn, Bassoon and Piano1988Soprano, Oboe/English Horn, Bassoon and PianoDS
REFLECTIONS ON A DANCE for Fourteen Brass and Two Percussion1988 Fourteen Brass and Two PercussionEB
OUR FATHER'S ROAD: A CANTATA FOR NEW SWEDEN for Narrator, Soprano, Oboe/English Horn, Violoncello, Piano and Percussion1989Narrator, Soprano, Oboe/English Horn, Violoncello, Piano and PercussionDS
THREE PORTRAITS for Tuba and Chamber Orchestra1990Tuba and Chamber OrchestraEB
DISTANT VOICES for Brass Quintet1990Brass QuintetEB
SIMPLE LIVES for Orchestra1990OrchestraDS
TRIPTYCH for Trumpet and Orchestra1991Trumpet and OrchestraEB
SOLO for Flugelhorn1991FlugelhornEB
FOUR WINDS for Wind Quartet1991Wind QuartetDS
SONATA FORTY for Horn and Piano1991Horn and PianoEB
WITHOUT WARNING for Piano1992PianoDS
SHOUT FOR JOY! for SATB Choir, Brass Quartet and Organ1992SATB Choir, Brass Quartet and OrganCAN
THREE ARGUMENTS for Violoncello1993VioloncelloDS
WESTFIELD FANFARE for Thirteen Brass and Three Percussion1993Thirteen Brass and Three PercussionDS
SHORT STOIRES for Wind Quintet1994Wind QuintetEB
EMMA'S DANCE for Tuba and Piano1994Tuba and PianoDS
PRAISE! for SATB Choir and Organ1994SATB Choir and OrganDS
TURNS for Violoncello and Orchestra1994Violoncello and OrchestraDS
EVENSONG for Tuba and Electronics1995Tuba and ElectronicsDS
HOMMAGE JFK for Fourteen Brass and Three Percussion1995Fourteen Brass and Three PercussionEB
MONUMENT for Orchestra1996-7OrchestraDS
VOICES OF OUR YOUTH for Flute, Viola, Violoncello, Harp and Chorus1997Flute, Viola, Violoncello, Harp and ChorusDS
SERENADE for Flugelhorn and String Orchestra1998Flugelhorn and String OrchestraEB
DECTET for Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, Piano, Two Violins, Viola, Violoncello, and Double Bass1998Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Violoncello, and Double BassDS
STRATA for Brass Quintet1999Brass QuintetEB
NOTES FROM FARAWAY PLACES: Three Suites of Concert Etudes for One or Two Trumpets2000One or Two TrumpetsEB
CONCERTO for Dancers and String Orchestra2000Dancers and String OrchestraDS
TENEBRAE for Trumpet and Organ2000Trumpet and OrganEB
THE ELEMENTS for String Quartet2001String QuartetDS
JERSEY RAIN for Baritone Solo, SATB Chorus and Orchestra2001Baritone Solo, SATB Chorus and OrchestraDS
DUNCAN TRIO for Brass Trio2002Brass TrioEB
BREATHING LESSONS for Saxophone Quartet2002Saxophone QuartetDS
CONCERTO for Oboe and String Orchestra2003Oboe and String OrchestraDS
MOVING PARTS for Wind Ensemble2003Wind EnsembleDS
NEW PROVIDENCE OVERTURE for Orchestra2003OrchestraDS
ENTRANCE/EXIT for Brass Quintet2003Brass QuintetDS
CONCERTO for Soprano Saxophone and String Orchestra2004Soprano Saxophone and String OrchestraDS
BREAKAWAY for Two Trumpets and Electronics2004Two Trumpets and ElectronicsDS
SERENATA for Tuba and Wind Ensemble2005Tuba and Wind EnsembleDS
BREATHING LESSONS for String Quartet2006String QuartetDS
SERENADE for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble2006Trumpet and Wind EnsembleDS
OUTBURST for Wind Ensemble2006Wind EnsembleDS
SKETCHES for Violin and Marimba2007Violin and MarimbaDS
MORNING PAGES for Trumpet1905-6TrumpetEB
UNDERCURRENTS for Flute2007FluteDS
BLACK RIVER CONCERTO for Violin, Percussion and Orchestra2007Violin, Percussion and OrchestraDS
TWO SETTINGS OF THE SERENITY PRAYER for SATB Chorus and Organ2007SATB Chorus and OrganDS
MILLBROOK SUITE for Wind Ensemble2008Wind EnsembleDS
A FAMILY PORTRAIT for Brass Quintet2008Brass QuintetHP
EDGE for Thirteen Brass, Snare Drum and Tympani2008Thirteen Brass, Snare Drum and TympaniHP
TO HOLD US for SATB Chorus and Piano2008SATB Chorus and PianoDS
CHANGEWATER SUITE for Eight Trombones2008Eight TrombonesDS
CROSSCURRENTS for Fifteen Brass and Two Percussion2009Fifteen Brass and Two PercussionDS
CHANTS AND FLOURISHES for Double Brass Quintet2009Double Brass QuintetDS
THE POWELL TRIO for Tenor Trombone, Marimba and Piano2009Tenor Trombone, Marimba and PianoDS
THREE SIDES for Trumpet, Vibraphone and Piano2009Trumpet, Vibraphone and PianoDS
JUST KEEP MOVING for French Horn, Bass Trombone, Marimba and Piano2010French Horn, Bass Trombone, Marimba and PianoDS
CHESAPEAKE for Brass Quintet2010Brass QuintetDS
COUNTERWORK for Trumpet, Marimba and Piano2010Trumpet, Marimba and PianoDS
UNDERCURRENTS REDUX for Flute, Clarinet and Piano2010Flute, Clarinet and PianoDS
SMOKY MOUNTAIN FANFARE for Brass Quintet2010Brass QuintetDS
INAMERE for Twelve Trumpets2011Twelve TrumpetsDS
CHICAGO MOVES for Brass Quintet2011Brass QuintetDS
LEGEND for Wind Ensemble2011Wind EnsembleDS
LIKE THE RISEN GRAIN for SATB Chorus, Brass Quintet and Organ2011SATB Chorus, Brass Quintet and OrganDS
WHAT THE LIVING DO for Violin, French Horn and Piano2012Violin, French Horn and PianoDS
FLARE for Violoncello, Marimba and String Orchestra2012Violoncello, Marimba and String OrchestraDS
FUTURE RELICS for Baritone Saxophone, Marimba/Xylophone and Wind Ensemble2013Baritone Saxophone, Marimba/Xylophone and Wind EnsembleDS
STILL for Brass Quintet2013Brass QuintetDS
DEATH OF MACBETH for Percussion Quartet2013Percussion QuartetDS
MOCK ATTACK! For Clarinet2014ClarinetDS
MEMORIES TO KEEP AWHILE for Violin, Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Violoncello and Piano2014Violin, Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Violoncello and PianoDS
THE WIND CAME IN RED for Trumpet and Piano2015Trumpet and PianoDS
DOUBLE BACK for Trumpet, Trombone and Wind Ensemble2015Trumpet, Trombone and Wind EnsembleDS
FOR THE LAST TIME for Viola, Piano and SATB Chorus2016Viola, Piano and SATB ChorusDS
SKELETON AT THE FEAST for Flute, Viola and Guitar2017Flute, Viola and GuitarDS
SIGHTLINE for Tuba and Piano2017Tuba and PianoDS