First Performance
NPR Station WXXI, Rochester, NY; Gaudete Brass Quintet, 2013
Redrunner Music (David Sampson)
sevenfive THE JOHN CORIGLIANO EFFECT; Gaudete Brass Quintet, Cedille - 90000 169, 2017


David Sampson (2013)

Still for Brass Quintet was commissioned by and written for the Gaudete Brass Quintet. The premiere occurred on October 25, 2013, during the live broadcast of Backstage Pass hosted by Julia Figueras at the NPR Station WXXI in Rochester, New York. The intent of the work is simple: aurally depict the first stages of meditation with the quieting of the mind followed by timeless restfulness. Feel free to close your eyes, allow your breathing to become slower, and let your thoughts come and go at will.

Total Running Time: 6:51