First Performance
International Trumpet Guild Conference, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, Charles Schleuter, 1979
Editions Bim
Trumpet In Our Time, Raymond Mase, trumpet, Trent Johnson, organ; Summit Records DCD 148, November 5, 2006


David Sampson (1978)

The Mysteries Remain is a four-movement work for trumpet and organ inspired by the poem “The Mysteries Remain” by H.D. or Hilda Doolittle. Although the form has no direct correlation to the poem, the titles of the four movements are derived from various extracted lines. Since I have a great interest in opera, an attempt is made to set a scene with each movement and follow through with a logical dramatic conclusion. The entire work is paced to allow the last movement to act as the climax and end the composition with a strong cathartic flourish.

Total Running Time: 14
1. The Mysteries Remain 4:35
2. Cycle of Seed-Time 2:34
3. Demeter in the Grass 3:45
4. Iacchus in the Vine 3:06