Notes From Faraway Places


Over the decades, David Sampson (b. 1951, Charlottesville, Virginia) has emerged as a leading composer uniquely acclaimed for the integrity of his music. His works have been described as intensely honest and human, taking his audiences through rich experiences filled with depth and emotion.

Among Sampson’s chamber music works are Dectet (Chicago Chamber Musicians), Chesapeake, Morning Music, Distant Voices (American Brass Quintet), Breathing Lessons (Chamber Music America/Amherst Saxophone Quintet), What The Living Do (Gail Williams and friends), Memories To Keep Awhile (David Elton and friends), and Short Stories (Chamber Music America/Pew Charitable Trust/Aspen Wind Quintet.

  1. Fanfare for Canterbury Cathedral performed by American Brass Quintet, Quo Vadis Brass Quintet
  2. Tenebrae for Trumpet and Organ performed by Raymond Mase, Trent Johnson
  3. Mock Attack for Clarinet performed by Andy Lamy
  4. Without Warning for Piano performed by Steven Beck
  5. Hommage JFK
  6. A Family Portrait for Brass Quintet performed by Philadelphia Brass
  7. Evensong for Tuba and Electronics performed by Scott Mendoker
  8. The Death of Macbeth for Solo Tympani and Percussion Quartet performed by James Musto, Tom Murphy, Nancy Pontius, David Stockton, Jeff Willet
  9. Notes from Faraway Places, Suite 3 for Two Trumpets performed by Donald Batchelder, Raymond Mase
  10. Changewater for Eight Trombones performed by Richard Clark, Richard Harris, Tom Hutchinson, Chris Olnes, Michael Powell, Tim Albright, Kenneth Finn, John Rojak
  11. Inamere for 12 Trumpets performed by Julliard School Trumpet Students
  12. Smoky Mountain Fanfare for Brass Quintet performed by Philadelphia Brass